Unreal Engine 5.4 looks like REAL LIFE | Next-Gen Games and Tech Demos 2024

During its keynote session at GDC 2024, Epic Games shared the first look at Unreal Engine 5.4 tech demos and some amazing new games like Marvel 1943, Chrono Odyssey and Dune Awakening. Check these amazing graphics that look like real life!

00:00 Marvel 1943: Ryse of Hydra In-engine Trailer
02:25 Marvel 1943 Ryse of Hydra Tech Demo
11:13 Chrono Odyssey Gameplay Trailer
12:45 Chrono Odyssey Tech Demo
14:32 Dune Awakening Tech Demo
18:20 Dune Awakening Trailer
20:15 New MetaHuman Animator for UEFN in Unreal Engine 5.4

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