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    We’ve seen all kinds of LEGO games over the years, though for a good solid decade and change most of …

    Continue reading “A Free ‘LEGO Bricktales’ Halloween Update Is Now Available, Offering a New Diorama and More”

    In anticipation of its global launch tomorrow, Bluepoch Games has announced that its 20th century time travel strategic RPG, Reverse: …

    Continue reading “‘Reverse: 1999’ is a Cinematic Time Travel RPG that’s Now Available to Pre-Download on iOS, Android and PC”

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    Look, normally anything related to Monster Hunter Now (Free) would fall under the jurisdiction of our pal Mikhail. The man …

    Continue reading “The ‘Monster Hunter Now’ Halloween Event Kicks Off Today, Featuring New Equipment and Special Hunts”

    The memetic fever around Among Us (Free) may have died down a little, but the game remains incredibly popular among …

    Continue reading “The Latest Update for ‘Among Us’ Welcomes You to the Fungle Today”

    Back in March developer Jussi Simpanen (aka Adventure Islands) launched the maddeningly cute, and just plain maddening, survival game Poor …

    Continue reading “‘Animal Arena’ is a Wacky Arena Battling Game for 1-4 Players that’s Launching November 9th”

    Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for October 24th, 2023. We’ve got a few more reviews for …

    Continue reading “SwitchArcade Round-Up: Reviews Featuring ‘Sonic Superstars’, Plus ‘Metal Gear Solid’ and Other Releases and Sales”

    Hoo boy do I love me some Slayaway Camp. For those unfamiliar, developer Blue Wizard Digital released the original Slayaway …

    Continue reading “Sliding Puzzle Slasher Sequel ‘Slayaway Camp 2 Netflix & Kill’ is Now Available on iOS and Android for Netflix Subscribers”

    It takes a real gaming connoisseur to appreciate the joys of a Warriors game. You have to have one of …

    Continue reading “‘Dynasty Warriors M’ from Nexon and Koei Tecmo Announced for iOS/Android Release”

    Hey there, sports fans! And video game sports fans! I know those are sometimes not the same thing. I know …

    Continue reading “‘NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition’ Is Now Available on Apple Arcade”

    Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for October 23rd, 2023. In today’s article, we’ve got a few …

    Continue reading “SwitchArcade Round-Up: Reviews Featuring ‘Hot Wheels Unleashed 2’ & ‘Wargroove 2’, Plus the Latest Releases and Sales”

    Times are tight these days, friends. We all have to find ways to save where we can, and sometimes that …

    Continue reading “10 Under $10: Ten Cheap, Good Nintendo Switch 2D Platformers”

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It’s time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of …

    Continue reading “Best iPhone Game Updates: ‘Vampire Survivors’, ‘Teeny Tiny Town’, ‘Hearthstone’, ‘Royal Match’, and More”

    Hello, my frightening friends. It’s been a while since I’ve done something like this, but something is in the air …

    Continue reading “Scare Up Some Affordable RPGs in KEMCO’s Halloween Sale”

    We hit on a variety of (gaming related!) topics on this week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show, headlined of course …

    Continue reading “Mario is Back, Baby! – The TouchArcade Show #569”

    I am extremely a child of the ’80s, and as such I’ve been really digging the ’80s retro-revival that’s been …

    Continue reading “TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Kingdom Eighties’”

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