Today’s Wordle Review No. 1,040

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Today’s Difficulty

The difficulty of each puzzle is determined by averaging the number of guesses provided by a small panel of testers who are paid to solve each puzzle in advance to help us catch any issues and inconsistencies.

Today’s average difficulty is 5.4 guesses out of 6, or very challenging.

For more in-depth analysis, visit our friend, WordleBot.

Today’s word is OVERT, an adjective. According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, it means “not hidden; open; observable; apparent; manifest.”

Our Featured Artist

Grace J. Kim is a Korean-Canadian illustrator based in New York. Her drawings depict characters in everyday moments and situations related to current events. Ms. Kim always adds a serene and utopian touch, hoping that she can share moments of peacefulness with her audience. She has collaborated with various clients, among them Apple, The New Yorker, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Business and Bloomsbury.

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