This New 2.0 Unreal Engine 5 Titanic Demo Has Been released! Best Looking Project So far?

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Titanic Honor and Glory has been in development for quite a long time, but since today Demo 401 v2.0! has now been released! This Demo looks more realistic than ever with brand new lighting, RTX, and other UE5 effects.

There are now 2 versions in development:
– TITANIC: PROJECT 401. The #1 goal of “PROJECT 401” is to tell Titanic’s incredible story like never before. You could consider it the ultimate Titanic virtual museum.
– TITANIC: HONOR AND GLORY is still under development by a different team at Vintage Digital Revival. That team still aims to recreate 100% of Titanic in unprecedented detail and a sinking mode is forever on their Wishlist.

Check out the demo at:

System specs showcased and recorded:
– i7 12700k
– RTX 3090 FE

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