The Genshin Impact x Nissin Cup Noodle collaboration is wild

Genshin Impact Nissin Cup Noodle Collaboration Thumbnail

Genshin Impact’s popularity is truly global and its reach on brands is staggering. Previously, they’ve had collaboration with brands such as G Fuel and Pizza Hut and now they can Nissin Cup Noodle to that list of food products.

This collaboration is not with the main branch, but rather with Nissin Brazil and is aimed towards fans of the game living in South America.

The commercial made for this features three actual cosplayers donned in costumes based on characters from the game. In the ad they unveil three special editions of Cup Noodles with artwork of the represented characters.

Considering this is done with a branch of Nissin, there is no indication this collaboration will reach beyond South America.

Here’s the crazy commercial shot for this collaboration event:

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