The Escapist fires Editor-in-Chief Nick Calandra prompting further resignations

The Aftermath of The Escapist Firing Editor-in-Chief Nick Calandra: A Wave of Resignations

The recent dismissal of Nick Calandra, the Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist, has sent shockwaves through the gaming journalism industry, prompting a wave of resignations from the publication. The Escapist, a long-standing and respected platform for video game news, reviews, and features, has been left in a state of turmoil following this unexpected decision.

Nick Calandra, who had been with The Escapist for over a decade, was abruptly let go from his position. The reasons behind his dismissal remain unclear, with the management of The Escapist remaining tight-lipped about the circumstances surrounding his departure. Calandra’s sudden exit has not only left a significant void in the publication’s leadership but has also sparked a series of resignations from other staff members.

In the wake of Calandra’s dismissal, several key members of The Escapist’s editorial team have chosen to resign in solidarity with their former Editor-in-Chief. These resignations have further destabilized the publication, leaving it with a significantly reduced staff and raising questions about its future direction. The loss of these experienced and talented journalists is a significant blow to The Escapist, which has built its reputation on the strength of its editorial content.

The fallout from Calandra’s dismissal and the subsequent resignations has been felt throughout the gaming journalism industry. Many have expressed their shock and disappointment at the situation, with some questioning the decision-making process at The Escapist. The lack of transparency surrounding Calandra’s dismissal has also been a point of contention, with calls for greater clarity and accountability from the publication’s management.

The Escapist’s decision to fire Calandra has not only resulted in a loss of key personnel but has also damaged its reputation within the industry. The publication, once known for its insightful and in-depth coverage of the gaming industry, now finds itself at the center of controversy. This situation has undoubtedly tarnished The Escapist’s image and may have long-term implications for its standing within the gaming journalism community.

Moreover, the wave of resignations following Calandra’s dismissal has highlighted the importance of leadership and the role it plays in maintaining staff morale. The solidarity shown by the departing staff members underscores the respect and admiration they had for Calandra as a leader. His dismissal has clearly had a profound impact on the team, leading many to question their future with the publication.

In conclusion, the dismissal of Nick Calandra as Editor-in-Chief of The Escapist has had far-reaching consequences for the publication. The wave of resignations that followed his departure has left The Escapist in a precarious position, with a reduced staff and a damaged reputation. The situation serves as a stark reminder of the importance of transparency and effective leadership within any organization. As The Escapist navigates this challenging period, the gaming journalism industry will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how it responds and recovers from this significant setback.

The Escapist

Gaming news website The Escapist fired their editor-in-chief Nick Calandra, a move which prompted further resignations from website staff in solidarity.

According to Calandra, he was let go for “not achieving goals”. The Escapist was acquired by Australia-based Gamurs Group last year.

After Calandra’s termination, other workers from The Escapist announced their own resignations, including Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw who created the video series Zero Punctuation. Despite being the creator, according to Croshaw he doesn’t own the rights to the name or series itself which likely remain with the website.

One former The Escapist employee J-M8 of Design Delve had this to say:

I have resigned from my position at The Escapist/Gamurs in response to the treatment of my collogues. I love this team and will stand by them. I personally own the license to Design Delve and it WILL be continuing! Where is the question.. i guess we’ll find out. Love you guys <3


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