Starfield: Pre-release Leaks and UK Media ‘Blackout’, A Heated Contest Raging in the Gaming World


The highly anticipated blockbuster, ‘Starfield,’ is facing an unexpected wave of controversies as its launch approaches. A review embargo, meant to be respected, has been broken, and certain UK media outlets have been passed over by Bethesda. What’s the story behind all this?

World’s First Starfield Review

A YouTuber from Brazil released the world’s first ‘Starfield’ review, turning the internet community into a hotbed of discussion in no time. According to his review, the game’s performance on the Xbox Series X is far superior to recent titles, and bugs are minimal.

“It runs at 30fps, but it didn’t feel like 30fps.”

UK Media’s Grievances

In stark contrast to this praise, the renowned UK gaming outlet Eurogamer expressed its grievances for not receiving a review copy from Bethesda in a timely manner.

“The issue isn’t that we received it late. The issue is that only we received it late.”

Previous Controversies

This issue with review copy distribution is not a first-time ordeal for Bethesda; similar controversies arose during the 2017 launch of ‘Prey.’ At the time, Bethesda explained, “We want everyone to experience our game at the same time,” but this only exacerbated the issues.


However, it seems that this controversy has come to a temporary conclusion as Eurogamer has finally received a review code. Yet, many readers are still questioning, “Why was access granted only to the Digital Foundry team?”

In conclusion, ‘Starfield’ builds upon the foundation of Bethesda’s previous titles, boasting top-notch graphics, artwork, and storytelling. But tensions between the gaming community and the media continue to escalate.

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