Sony Rewards program shutting down by end of 2024

Sony Rewards

Sony has announced they’re shutting down their Sony Rewards program by the end of this year, ending their credit card partnership program.

Sony Rewards isn’t to be confused with Sony’s other rewards program, PlayStation Stars, which lets you exchange digital achievements for rewards, nor its defunct PlayStation Rewards program that it replaced. Originally launched back in 2017, Sony Rewards used PlayStation-branded Visa credit cards so fans can accrue points with purchases, to be used towards their Sony or PlayStation accounts.

Sony is shutting down Sony Rewards and their rewards program affiliated with PlayStation-branded Visa credit cards by December 31st of this year. The news was confirmed both in email (obtained by Niche Gamer) and their updated FAQ and Terms and Conditions pages.

As of now, the Sony Rewards program is not accepting new members into the program though existing Sony and PlayStation cardholders will be able to redeem any points they accrued. However, new points cannot be earned through offers or partner offers now and accounts can no longer be linked to Sony Store or Movies Anywhere.

It remains unclear what will become of PlayStation Visa credit card holders as the program is shutting down – Comenity Bank (who now manages the credit program) will contact cardholders about changes to the program. For now, the cards can be used until the December shutdown.

Sony’s PlayStation credit card always sat with a very high 27.99% APR for purchases, while its redemption process remained obtuse throughout the program’s life – and it changed credit firms at some point in between to Comenity.

Microsoft’s Xbox credit card on the other hand, offered variable rates ranging from 20.99%, 26.99%, or an even higher 31.99% depending on your balance. The Xbox credit card and rewards program is offered through Barclays and lets players redeem points for discounts, Xbox store credit, and more.


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