Social media users downplay Starfield pronoun propaganda

The greatly anticipated sci-fi RPG Starfield lets the player to select their pronouns, and the usual suspects on Twitter and elsewhere have been downplaying this addition.

While every previous Bethesda role-playing game never included a pronouns option in the character creator, online users are saying pronouns in Starfield are “not a big deal”.

Starfield, much like other modern games, was found to have caved to the usual pronoun propaganda, as the character creation screen allows players to select their pronouns:

A Reddit thread noted that despite there being pronoun selection prominently shown in the character creator, NPCs still don’t refer to the player by their pronouns.

Instead, they tend to use traditional gendered language like when talking to men or women:

Other games, such as remasters of the Dark Souls games, Animal Crossing, and Elden Ring (even more examples in the article), abolished gender selection entirely.

Instead of allowing players to pick a male or female gender, the games forced players to choose a “body type” (in an attempt to be “inclusive”). Starfield does this as well.

Even worse, some games, like Harvestella and Harvest Moon, allows for “non-binary” gender options, which are fabrications meant to corrupt and politicize.

The inclusion of “body types” and “pronoun selection” as opposed to merely selecting between the two biological genders is another form of propaganda being inserted into modern games.

Companies that push this new feature are trying to mentally suggest that things besides “men” and “women” exist (which is indubitably false).

It also attempts to validate the concept that a man/woman can identify with the opposite gender’s pronouns, which is also a biological falsity.

While some despaired at this injustice to attack helicopters, others were naturally critical of this propaganda:

This tweet in particular garnered a significant amount of hatred from the usual crowd, who downplayed the situation and said that pronouns “weren’t a big deal”.

These same individuals are the types who believe people that “misgender” (somehow not mentally predicting their xwee/xwah pronouns) should be dealt with legally, or even be dealt physical harm.

Some of the comments:


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