Slender: The Arrival gets 10th year anniversary update

Slender: The Arrival 10 Year Anniversary Update Thumbnail

In celebration of 10 years, Blue Isle Studios have announced an update to Slender: The Arrival, which launched way back in 2013 during the major craze based on the creepypasta legend.

The new update brings a major upgrade to the game, as they are overhauling the visuals with the help of Unreal Engine 5.2. Along with this also comes new content in the form of S: Lost Chapters, which expands upon the lore of Slender Man.

The update is expected to launch in October 2023.

Here’s a rundown of the new content, plus the announcement trailer for the update:

S: The Lost Chapters

Prepare for a brand new type of horror as you are drawn back into the haunting tales that once gripped the souls of millions. Weave through threads of the past and present as you encounter both familiar characters and new enigmas that will leave you questioning reality itself.

S: The Lost Chapters represents our most ambitious and intense horror experience to date.

A New Type Of Horror Experience

Prepare for a truly brand-new experience as the boundaries between horror and reality begin to blur. Brace for unsettling encounters that challenge your perception and make you question the very nature of the game world.

Sound & Light Mechanics

Experience cutting-edge gameplay that leverages sound and light to create a truly immersive atmosphere. Utilize these mechanics to your advantage, but be careful as your adversaries can do the same, making each encounter a nerve-wracking test of skill, timing and intuition.

Stories Both New & Old – Intertwined

Experience a captivating narrative where the events of the past merge with the mysteries of the present, creating a web of interconnected stories that will keep you engrossed from beginning to end. Uncover secrets within familiar locations while discovering new and haunting truths in brand-new locales.

New Survival Mechanics

Prepare for a heightened level of immersion as you navigate a treacherous world. Use new survival mechanics that go beyond mere hiding and evasion, challenging your strategic thinking and decision-making skills. Resources, inventories and new tools help you adapt to evolving threats and make difficult choices that determine your fate.

He’s Not Alone And Neither Are You

In this relentless nightmare, expect to encounter not only the iconic adversaries you once faced, but face off against a new cast of terrifying beings. Who, or what else is out there?

Slender: The Arrival is available now for Wii U, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and PC (via Steam and GOG).


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