Runescape added a Battle Pass and players are fed up


Runescape, finally added a battle pass to their game, bringing it in line with other “games as a service” though not all players are happy with it.

In fact, some players are downright upset and see it as the last straw. Runescape has ramped up their monetization in recent years with not only their usual subscription for added perks, but also “Bonds” which is basically selling in-game gold for real cash (similar to the WoW Token), cutting out the middleman of gold sellers.

With all of this already, Runescape decided to launch a “Hero Pass”, a Battle Pass system for the game. For those unfamiliar, Battle Passes are in-game reward tracks that reward players for playing the game. These reward tracks usually offer Free rewards as well as Premium rewards. So while free players can still progress on the track, they receive only a fraction of the track’s value.

This isn’t the first time the game has added a Battle Pass. In 2018, they tried to implement a “Rune Pass“; the idea was ultimately scrapped in the face of backlash.

Though Jagex now appears to think the time is right to try again and players aren’t impressed. The r/Runescape subreddit is bursting with threads criticizing the Hero Pass. Not even “Whales” (players who spend a lot of money on a free to play game) seem to like it.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on this game and will most likely continue to do so when I want to treat myself. but my money wont be spent on the battle pass. the constant in-game pop ups are intrusive, most of the cosmetics are lackluster at best, and to replace dailies (something i actually did) with this doggy system is beyond me.

Runescape deserves some praise for being such a long lasting game while providing constant updates; and obviously it needs to make money somehow. But, fans seem united in their dislike for the Hero Pass.

Runescape is available for Android, iOS, and PC (via Steam and web browser).


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