Exploring the Super Cyclone Slayer: A Starter Build Guide for PoE 3.22 – Trial of the Ancestors

Path of Exile (PoE) is a game that thrives on its complex and intricate character development system. With the release of PoE 3.22, the Trial of the Ancestors, players are once again exploring new builds to conquer the game’s challenges. One such build that has gained significant attention is the Super Cyclone Slayer, a starter build that offers a balanced mix of offense and defense, making it an excellent choice for both new and veteran players.

The Super Cyclone Slayer build is centered around the Cyclone skill, a melee attack that spins the character while moving, dealing damage to nearby enemies. This skill is particularly effective when paired with the Slayer ascendancy, which provides a host of benefits including increased damage, life leech, and stun immunity while leeching. The combination of these elements results in a build that can dish out high amounts of damage while maintaining a strong level of survivability.

The primary weapon of choice for this build is a two-handed sword, which offers a good balance of damage and speed. The Cyclone skill benefits greatly from weapon range, and two-handed swords have one of the highest ranges in the game. Additionally, the Slayer ascendancy has several nodes that specifically enhance two-handed weapon usage, further boosting the effectiveness of this build.

In terms of passive skills, the Super Cyclone Slayer build focuses on increasing physical damage, attack speed, and life. The passive skill tree should be navigated in a way that maximizes these attributes. Notable passive skills to aim for include Brutal Fervour, which provides life leech and damage reduction, and Impact, which increases weapon range and area of effect.

For gear, the Super Cyclone Slayer build prioritizes items that enhance physical damage, life, and resistances. A key item to aim for is the Kaom’s Heart unique body armour, which provides a significant boost to life. Other useful items include the Devoto’s Devotion unique helmet, which increases attack speed and movement speed, and the Atziri’s Disfavour unique axe, which enhances the Cyclone skill.

The Super Cyclone Slayer build also makes use of several support gems to augment the Cyclone skill. These include the Melee Physical Damage Support, which increases physical damage, the Increased Area of Effect Support, which expands the area in which the Cyclone skill can hit enemies, and the Brutality Support, which further boosts physical damage.

In conclusion, the Super Cyclone Slayer is a versatile and powerful starter build for PoE 3.22. It offers a balanced mix of offense and defense, making it suitable for a wide range of game content. With the right combination of skills, gear, and passive abilities, this build can help players conquer the challenges of the Trial of the Ancestors. Whether you’re a new player looking for a solid starter build, or a veteran player seeking a new build to try, the Super Cyclone Slayer is a build worth considering.

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