New ULTRA REALISTIC PlayStation VR 2 Games in Unreal Engine 5 coming out in 2023

Take a look at these VR (Virtual Reality) games that will come out in PlayStation VR2 this year. Most of them are developed in Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4. Horizon: Call of the Mountain has been developed by Firesprite in Unreal Engine, not Decima Engine.

00:00 Horizon: Call of the Mountain (Launch Trailer in Unreal Engine 4)
01:21 Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy´s Edge (Launch Trailer in Unreal Engine 4)
02:52 Behemoth (Unreal Engine 5)
04:27 Pavlov (Unreal Engine 5.1)
05:40 MADiSON VR (Unreal Engine 4)
07:35 Firmament (Unreal Engine 4)
09:57 Afterlife VR (Unreal Engine 4)
11:03 Medieval Dynasty VR (Unreal Engine 4)
12:08 Grimlord (Unreal Engine 4)
13:22 Wandering in Space (Unreal Engine 4)
15:13 Hubris (Unreal Engine 4)
17:20 Do not Open (Unreal Engine 4)
18:21 Crossfire: Sierra Squad (Unreal Engine 4)


19:56 Green Hell VR (Unity)

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Aggressive Horror Thriller by Infraction:

Epic Action Cinematic by Infraction:

“Kiss Of Death” by Infraction
Music promoted by Inaudio:

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