My BIGGEST Concerns For Diablo IV

While I really enjoy Diablo IV and am looking forward to jumping in to the game this month, there’s a handful of things that I think need improvement. Let’s talk about it.
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00:00 Diablo IV: A Solid Base… But It’s Not All Roses
00:48 Game Difficulty: It Get’s Very Easy, Very Fast
03:35 Sponsor Time
04:37 Boss Mechanics: More Please
08:05 Inventory Management & Gems
10:09 Cash Shop: It’s What You Expect…
13:05 Innovation: Blizzard Plays It Safe
14:36 Camera Zoom: Just A Little Further
15:10 Skill Tree: Respec’s Still Clunky
15:35 Class Balance Needs More Tuning
15:49 Map Overlay: Just Let The Blasters Do It
16:35 Stuff I Would Love To See Added

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