Minion Builds Should Not Exist in Path of Exile


Why Minion Builds Should Be Removed from Path of Exile: A Comprehensive Analysis

Path of Exile, a popular online action role-playing game, has been lauded for its complex character development and intricate gameplay mechanics. One such mechanic is the use of minion builds, where players can summon and control a variety of creatures to aid them in battle. However, there is a growing consensus among the gaming community that minion builds should not exist in Path of Exile. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of why minion builds should be removed from the game.

Firstly, minion builds significantly reduce the skill requirement for gameplay. In Path of Exile, the player’s skill and strategy should be the primary determinants of success. However, with minion builds, players can simply summon a horde of minions and let them do the fighting. This diminishes the need for strategic planning and tactical execution, thereby undermining the core principles of the game.

Secondly, minion builds disrupt the balance of the game. Path of Exile is renowned for its intricate balance between different character builds, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. However, minion builds, with their overwhelming numbers and high damage output, tip the scales unfairly. This imbalance not only makes the game less enjoyable for non-minion players but also discourages diversity in character builds.

Moreover, minion builds create a less immersive gaming experience. Path of Exile is celebrated for its rich lore and immersive world-building. Players are encouraged to delve into the game’s intricate storyline and explore its vast, detailed world. However, the use of minion builds often results in a more detached gaming experience. Instead of actively engaging with the game’s environment and characters, players with minion builds often find themselves passively watching their minions fight, which detracts from the overall gaming experience.

Furthermore, minion builds can lead to performance issues. The game’s engine has to render each minion individually, which can put a significant strain on the system, especially when there are dozens of minions on the screen at once. This can lead to lag, frame rate drops, and other performance issues, which can severely impact the gameplay experience.

Lastly, the existence of minion builds can stifle creativity and innovation in character development. With the ease and power of minion builds, players may feel less inclined to experiment with other character builds and strategies. This can lead to a stagnation in character development and a lack of diversity in gameplay styles.

In conclusion, while minion builds may offer a different approach to gameplay in Path of Exile, their existence poses significant challenges to the game’s balance, immersion, performance, and character diversity. Therefore, it is argued that minion builds should be removed from Path of Exile. This would not only preserve the game’s core principles of skill-based gameplay and strategic planning but also enhance the overall gaming experience by encouraging diversity in character builds and promoting active engagement with the game’s rich lore and detailed world.

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