Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 butchers Spanish language to be “inclusive”

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Social media users learned the (alleged) Spanish version of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 alters the Spanish language to be inclusive, and to the point of it being grammatically incorrect.

The Twitter user shared a video of the alleged Spanish version of the game and started to break down why it makes no sense:

Spanish is a gendered language, meaning certain words are said differently depending on the gender of the person being spoken about.

An example for non-Spanish users would be “Una entomóloga” when referring to a female entomologist, and “Un entomólogo” for a male entomologist.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation from actual Spanish speakers:

Video game companies seem to be pandering to the same individuals who constantly denounce the United States for “colonization”.

Yet it’s worth mentioning said individuals and companies seem to have no issue with rewriting another country’s language to be “inclusive”.

Here’s only some of the comments disgusted by this – it’s worth noting plenty of Spanish-speakers were also upset:


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