Make A Sims Like Interaction System In Unreal Engine

Hey Everybody,

In this video I’m going to show you how to make an interaction system similar to what you see in the Sims. This will be based on the top down character project in Unreal Engine, but you can modify it to work with Third Person or First Person as well.

There’s a lot of logic going on behind the scenes of making a sim interact with an object in their environment. We’ll be simplifying this logic and focusing on a few key aspects of the system. So today we’ll be making:

– The stats user interface
– Two different kinds of interactions (one that animates the character and another that uses a pre-animated character)
– Changing the objects material on hover
– Adding a progress bar to show the time left to complete the interaction

Due to the amount of information in this tutorial I won’t be covering any info on how to animate your character. There’s lots of animations available on the unreal engine marketplace, many of which are free or very cheap. You can also grab free animations from Mixamo and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can walk you through importing those animations.


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