Kanon visual novel is available now on Steam


Kanon the first visual novel from Key is available now on Steam in English!

First released in 1999, Kanon is considered a classic of the medium and helped kickstart the company that would go on to create hits such as ClannadAir, Little Busters, and more recently Loopers and Stella of the End.

The game follows Yuichi Aizawa, a young man who returns to the city he grew up in. While he’s there, he meets multiple girls who help him regain his lost memories.

Kanon is perhaps most widely known as being the source of the popular “uguu~” meme, which heroine Ayu says in both the game and the 2002 anime series.

You can check out the opening movie for Kanon below:

Kanon originally released as an eroge with adult CGs, however the Steam version is meant for all ages. A topic in the Steam Discussion forums encourages fans who want those scenes to wait for a restoration patch.

Kanon is available now on Windows PC (via Steam), and Nintendo Switch (Disclosure: This article contains an affiliate link to Play-Asia that helps support the site).


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