The game industry has experienced significant layoffs in recent years

The game industry has experienced significant layoffs in recent years

a trend that has been attributed to various factors such as market shifts, economic downturns, and changes in consumer behavior. Here are some key points regarding the layoffs in the gaming sector:

Economic Pressures: The broader economic climate has led to financial strains on many companies. As a result, even large and established gaming companies have had to reduce their workforce to cut costs and remain viable.

Market Saturation: The gaming market has become increasingly saturated, with a high number of games being released each year. This has led to fierce competition and often, insufficient sales for many titles, prompting companies to downsize.

Shifts in Consumer Preferences: Changing consumer preferences, such as the growing popularity of mobile and free-to-play games, have forced traditional game developers to adapt or face declines in revenue. Companies struggling to pivot quickly enough have resorted to layoffs.

Studio Closures: Numerous studios, both indie and major, have shut down due to financial difficulties or strategic restructuring by parent companies. These closures often result in significant job losses.

Mergers and Acquisitions: The industry has seen a wave of mergers and acquisitions, leading to redundancies as companies consolidate operations and eliminate overlapping positions.

Technological Advances: The rise of new technologies such as cloud gaming, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality has required companies to reallocate resources and talent, sometimes leading to layoffs of staff whose skills are less relevant to the new strategic direction.

Project Cancellations: Development cycles in the gaming industry can be unpredictable, with projects sometimes being cancelled or postponed indefinitely. These cancellations often lead to immediate layoffs of the project teams.

Cost Management: In an effort to manage escalating development costs, some companies are outsourcing more work or shifting operations to regions with lower labor costs, resulting in layoffs in higher-cost regions.

While layoffs are a challenging aspect of the gaming industry, they are also part of a larger trend of transformation and adaptation within the sector. Companies are continually evolving to meet the demands of the market, and while this often leads to job losses in the short term, it also drives innovation and the creation of new opportunities in the long term.

Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo

Japanese developer DankHearts has announced Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo, a new escape-adventure game.

Type-NOISE: Shonen Shojo is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and will launch sometime later this year.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Traumatized youth trapped in ‘Noise Scramble City’, a labyrinth of their own fears.Amnesiac teens solve puzzles in a multi-ending escape adventure.

The only way out of this city is… to remember and overcome your own Noise.

Noise’ refers to painful events, traumas, and memories from the past. Doubt, jealousy, foolishness, arrogance, maliciousness, and greed. Each carrying their own Noise, everyone gathers their own memories spread across the city to remember the past.

What if the only way out of here is to interact with the painful memories you want to escape from? Can you face your own Noise?


  • Zena Yugamizora: The hero of this game.An icy superhero team show fan. “I should be able to do it, just like the hero…!
  • Itsuki Hozuki: A boy tormented by jealousy. “So annoying! You’re pissing me off. Go make me a hamburg steak or something.”
  • Honoka Kirishima: A stubborn and skeptical girl. “We’re just strangers. Suspicion is what makes us human.”
  • Kaito Shimizu: A boy filled with self-doubt. “Because of this shadowed scar, I was ostracized and labeled a germ.”
  • Hiyori Endo: A streamer girl and habitual liar. “I’ll do my best with hyper power! Let’s roll the video!”
  • Soto Ochibana: A meddlesome yet honest boy. “If you’re in, I’ll be here to back you up.”
  • Specter: The Whimsical Watcher of the city. “Noises! Leave it to me!”


Escape from locked rooms by solving puzzles using your Noise as clues.

Trapped inside, the teens realize that the room is connected to their past. By exploring the rooms, they can collect clues and items to help them escape. Players can explore the stages in the game.

The labyrinth city has many rooms, many are twisted by characters’ inner Noise. If any objects of interest are found during exploration, players can click to investigate them.

Noise Analysis: analyze Noise to recall the past.

Find puzzle pieces by exploring to recall ‘Shards of Noise’ that piece together your memory. By collecting pieces and completing the puzzle, past memories are awakened. Players must collect Shards of Noise from specific items and objects in the game’s stages.

Each Shard of Noise is associated with a Noise, and when the pieces are combined to complete a puzzle, a memory can be awakened. By combining the Noise, players gain clues to solving the mystery by understanding the characters’ past.

Past events are the key to solving the mystery.

By looking at the past in Noise Analysis, players can understand a character’s Noise. Some of these events are hints and answers that are key to solving the mystery. Also, by viewing Noise, users will be able to interact with previously unavailable objects, expanding exploration.

English Trailer

Japanese Trailer

Chinese Trailer


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