Japanese discuss why “lewd art bags” are seemingly gone from Comiket


Japanese website Yaraon! brought up the topic of “lewd art bags” seen at Comiket, and asked why they are apparently almost never seen at the event now.

Comiket prides itself on adult doujinshi and spicy cosplay, with the cosplay being so adult on occasion that female cosplayers would allow photographers to take pictures up their skirts, but this practice has since been disallowed in recent years.

Carrying bags could also be picked up at the popular event, and some would often feature artwork of a lewd nature. Yaraon! asked readers why they think these bags have disappeared from Comiket.

Commenters provided a variety of reasons, ranging from believing there are “less eroge developers now” to some thinking it being about “public decency”.

Here are some of those comments as well as random ones:

“It would be fine if it’s just an anime picture, ecchi is a problem.”

“There was an explosive increase in Yostar paper bags this year.” (Pictured above)

“Ethics have changed tremendously in just a few years.”

“When I went to Comiket about 10 years ago, I went home proudly showing off that I was an otaku.”

“I get the impression I don’t see naked fellows anymore.”

“I no longer see paper bags with adult content all over their surface. Paper bags with only beautiful girls on them are still available today.”

“Because eroge itself is on the decline. Doujin games are doing favorably though.”

“I went to Jump Festa a few years ago and was fed up with paper bags being handed out everywhere.”

“It wasn’t ero, but I did happen to see an otaku with one.”

“The only ones who released something like this were eroge makers. Those eroge makers are at death’s door.”

“I went to Comiket at the end of last year. There was a paper bag with a picture of a character meant for lolicon with an emphasis on their breasts.”

“Eroge makers have drastically decreased.”

“Pictures of VTubers give a better sensation than ero pictures.”

“They’ve seemed to have decreased considerably compared to 10 years ago. There might also be a decline in eroge.”

“The status of being an otaku was to be able to use something like this without being shy.”

“Japan when it still had liveliness.”

“Feminists want them dead.”

“It was the golden age of eroge.”

“The weak men of Tokyo are truly repulsive.”

“They still commonly exist.”


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