I Made a Game in Unreal in 14 Days… (No Experience)

So I decided to start learning Unreal Engine and start making my own video game… and future games 🙂

Here’s a list of the channels and tutorials I found to be most helpful in getting to where I got to:


First, a mindset, realistic perspective video from Thomas Brush, (the title says game studio, but that can be a solo dev)

If you’re completely new, start with Unreal Sensei’s video:

You might want to also watch his update on his landscape brush (more important than you’d think):

Then, make Gorka’s first game, this was a needle mover for me, really makes you start understanding how blueprints work and it feels amazing to actually make a video game.

Prompt Muse has an amazing workflow video showing how she downloads characters, uses Accurig to rig them, uses Cascadeur to make animations, and then importing that all into unreal. It’s a ton and somehow under 30 minutes (Careful on choosing the skeletal mesh you choose when you bring it into Unreal, I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to select the UE4 one) P.S I think it’s probably best practice to learn manual rigging and modeling aswell:

Here’s PrismaticaDev’s Interactive Plugin announcement video! It’s what I want to dive into next on my own so I can get a beautiful interactive world, he’s also got a bunch of amazingly useful videos about physics, wind, lighting and a bunch of other stuff:

Quick overview video about making game characters from Blender to Unreal:

In depth workflow video on making game-ready characters:

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