How To Do 1 Million DPS With Your Diablo 4 Sorcerer!

Want to do over 1 million DPS on your Sorcerer? Let’s talk about an amazing combo to help to achieve that! However… it might be “worse” than you would think if you are trying to progress your account and level up to 100 in #diablo4 #diabloiv If you want to progress fast, check out my Best Ice Shard Build in Diablo 4 guide I made Yesterday for a few tips:

0:00 You can do 1M Damage… but…
0:30 Disclaimer / Save your time long term
1:20 Speed over damage discussion
2:47 Current clear speeds
4:43 The problem with damage
9:00 Gear / Huge Damage boosts
15:00 Skill Tree Meteor Tech etc
18:30 Paragon Board OP

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