How to Create a Game in Unreal Engine 5 | Beginner Tutorial – RTS Game

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How to create an RTS Game in Unreal Engine 5? In this UE5 Beginner Tutorial you will learn how to create a RTS game from scratch using Blueprints.

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00:00:00 Support us 😀
00:00:06 Introduction
00:01:29 Create the project and import the assets
00:05:23 Quick scene with the landscape tool
00:11:13 Add the assets to the map
00:16:32 Fix the materials
00:19:58 Add a landscape material and paint the zones
00:28:09 Import the needed assets from Megascans
00:39:24 Add the normal textures to the landscape material
00:44:43 Break
00:45:32 Framework classes and set up
00:52:18 Player camera
01:01:53 Input for the camera movement with keyboard
01:13:27 Camera movement with mouse Input
01:28:06 Polishing camera movement
01:35:07 Creating the base building and town hall
01:42:38 Clicking the buildings
01:48:22 Selection indicator
01:55:57 Make the selection indicator work
02:01:57 Adding the deselection
02:11:01 Polishing deselection and add interface communication
02:16:17 Fixing the dwarf materials
02:22:28 Adding a worker unit
02:28:11 Take a break and review what we have done
02:29:41 Add selection decal to our unit
02:34:15 Select the Unit
02:41:11 Use the blueprint component to activate the selection decal
02:43:30 Inputs and logic to send movement to the units
02:51:55 Make the unit move
02:59:33 Click location indicator
03:04:05 Add gold resource
03:11:48 Define when you are clicking the floor
03:21:15 Define interface action when you are clicking gold
03:28:32 Implement the gather resource function
03:33:00 Add animations to moving and mining
03:39:08 Mining interaction between the worker and the resource
03:43:59 Storing the amount of resource in the worker
03:50:50 Adding states to our unit
03:58:47 Implementing a better way of handling our animations
04:05:25 Using the game mode to store important information about the game
04:12:31 Going to the town hall after mining a resource
04:18:48 Getting the gold
04:27:29 Repeating the behavior
04:40:41 Break
04:42:09 Show money in the HUD
04:49:31 Update de HUD values
04:54:41 Polishing gathering gold mechanic
05:04:09 Interact with building
05:13:11 Finish the gathering gold mechanic
05:26:07 Show that the mine is exhausted
05:31:05 Resource gathered effect
05:39:39 Fix more buildings assets
05:46:50 Build a little town
05:57:16 Break
05:58:33 Selection collision actor
06:03:49 Change marquee dimension
06:09:17 Resize the Box Collision
06:16:21 Select the workers
06:24:28 Fix selection bug
06:25:40 Deselect units
06:31:46 Deselect units when the marquee is active
06:33:00 Remove marquee
06:34:37 Selecting and deselecting
06:43:36 Selection marquee in the HUD
06:51:18 Resize the HUD marquee
06:58:06 Marquee position
07:04:34 Marquee size
07:08:54 Health bars
07:15:24 Connect the health bar to the health
07:22:01 Update the health when damaged
07:31:13 Health bars for buildings
07:41:46 Enemies AI Controller
07:53:30 Sending orders to the enemy
07:56:05 Sending the Attack order
08:02:06 Attack order
08:15:24 Player workers can also attack
08:27:23 Finish the attack
08:36:40 Break
08:37:58 Lose the game
08:44:01 Lose game event
08:49:29 Show Lose screen
08:55:59 Implement Lose Screen
08:58:50 Fix broken references
09:04:19 Enemy spawner
09:13:35 Spawning waves
09:22:55 Collisions and obstacles
09:31:58 Disappearing assets
09:42:44 Landscape warnings
09:44:23 Selection component
09:58:34 Scale the indicator
10:05:28 Reuse the component
10:15:22 Learning to debug
10:21:05 Learning to use breakpoints
10:28:06 Fix selection marquee errors
10:34:51 Fix navigation issues
10:55:43 Remove end game errors
11:07:19 Remove health bars
11:12:21 Conclusions

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