Helldivers 2 CM tells PC fans upset with Sony to refund and leave

Helldivers 2

A Community Manager on the official Helldivers 2 Discord server told off a fan upset with the recent requirement to link a PSN (PlayStation Network) account when playing on PC.

The Discord comment was shared to Twitch Streamer PirateSoftware who showed the post to his stream.

The fan response to the new requirement has been intense and Helldivers 2 has received over 10,000 negative reviews on Steam since it was announced. Defenders of the move point out that PSN linking was required at first and was only removed due to technical difficulties. However PC players have grown accustomed to not having to link a PSN account, especially due to Sony’s track record with data security and content moderation.

Critics have also pointed out that PSN is only available in some countries and players across the entire continent of Africa will be effectively banned due to the requirement.

Popular influencers are also publicly dumping Helldivers 2 as a result of the PSN requirement, including Ironmouse, one of the most popular English-speaking VTubers (2 million Twitch followers).

Helldivers II is available now for Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 5.


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