FIFA 18|Official Gamescom 2017 Trailer (Blue Monday Mix)

Analyzing the FIFA 18 Official Gamescom 2017 Trailer: A Blue Monday Mix Breakdown

The FIFA 18 Official Gamescom 2017 Trailer, also known as the Blue Monday Mix, is a captivating blend of gameplay, graphics, and music that offers a tantalizing glimpse into the much-anticipated game. This trailer, released at the Gamescom 2017 event, is a testament to the evolution of the FIFA series, showcasing the game’s enhanced features and improved gameplay mechanics.

The trailer begins with a montage of football stars, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Lionel Messi, set against the backdrop of various iconic stadiums. This not only highlights the game’s impressive roster of players but also its diverse range of locations. The inclusion of these elements in the trailer serves to emphasize the game’s commitment to authenticity and realism, a hallmark of the FIFA series.

The Blue Monday Mix trailer also showcases the game’s improved graphics. The players’ movements are fluid and lifelike, thanks to the game’s use of the Frostbite engine. This engine, developed by EA DICE, is known for its ability to render realistic environments and character models. The trailer demonstrates this through close-ups of the players, where the attention to detail is evident in their facial expressions and the texture of their kits. The stadiums, too, are rendered with an impressive level of detail, from the pitch to the crowd.

The gameplay showcased in the trailer is another highlight. The players’ movements are smooth and responsive, and the ball physics are realistic. The trailer also hints at the game’s improved tactical options, with glimpses of various formations and strategies. This suggests that FIFA 18 will offer a deeper, more strategic experience than its predecessors.

The music chosen for the trailer, a remix of New Order’s “Blue Monday,” adds to its overall impact. The song’s energetic beat and catchy melody complement the fast-paced action on screen, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation. The use of this particular song also suggests a certain nostalgia, as “Blue Monday” is a classic track that many fans of the FIFA series will recognize.

The trailer concludes with a dramatic showdown between Ronaldo and Messi, two of the game’s cover stars. This not only serves to heighten the anticipation for the game but also symbolizes the rivalry between these two players, which is a key theme in FIFA 18.

In conclusion, the FIFA 18 Official Gamescom 2017 Trailer, or the Blue Monday Mix, is a masterful blend of gameplay, graphics, and music. It showcases the game’s improved features and mechanics, while also building anticipation for its release. The trailer’s use of iconic players, realistic graphics, and strategic gameplay, combined with the energetic beat of “Blue Monday,” creates a compelling preview of what players can expect from FIFA 18. It is a testament to the game’s evolution and a promise of an immersive, authentic, and exciting football experience.

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