Explaining EVERYTHING in Path of Exile – Explosive Arrow Champion

Mastering the Explosive Arrow Champion in Path of Exile: A Comprehensive Guide

Path of Exile, a popular online action RPG developed by Grinding Gear Games, offers a unique gaming experience with its intricate character development system. One of the most intriguing character builds in the game is the Explosive Arrow Champion. This character build, known for its high damage output and survivability, is a favorite among many players. However, mastering the Explosive Arrow Champion requires a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics, as well as strategic planning and execution.

The Explosive Arrow Champion is a versatile character build that excels in both offensive and defensive roles. The build revolves around the Explosive Arrow skill, a powerful ranged attack that inflicts significant fire damage on enemies. The skill’s damage is further amplified by the Champion’s ascendancy class, which provides additional bonuses to physical and elemental damage.

The Explosive Arrow skill works by firing an arrow that sticks to an enemy or a surface and explodes after a short delay. The explosion deals fire damage in an area around the arrow. The damage of the explosion increases with each additional arrow stuck to the same target, making it a potent tool for dealing with groups of enemies or high-health targets.

The Champion ascendancy class complements the Explosive Arrow skill by providing bonuses to damage and survivability. The class’s notable passives, such as “Unstoppable Hero” and “Fortitude,” grant increased attack speed, damage, and armor while you have Fortify, a buff that reduces incoming damage. These passives allow the Explosive Arrow Champion to withstand enemy attacks while dishing out high amounts of damage.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Explosive Arrow Champion, it’s crucial to understand the importance of gear selection. The build benefits greatly from items that increase fire damage, attack speed, and survivability. A good starting point is to look for gear with high elemental damage, life, and resistances. Additionally, certain unique items, such as the “Quill Rain” bow, can significantly enhance the build’s performance.

The Explosive Arrow Champion’s skill tree also plays a vital role in the build’s success. The tree should focus on nodes that increase fire damage, attack speed, life, and resistances. Notable nodes include “Lava Lash” for increased fire damage and “Iron Grip” for increased physical damage with bows. The tree should also include nodes that grant additional arrows, such as “Endless Munitions,” to maximize the Explosive Arrow skill’s damage potential.

In terms of gameplay, the Explosive Arrow Champion excels in hit-and-run tactics. The build’s high damage output allows it to quickly eliminate enemies, while its survivability enables it to withstand enemy attacks. The key is to fire as many arrows as possible at a target, then retreat to a safe distance before the arrows explode. This strategy allows the Explosive Arrow Champion to deal massive damage while minimizing the risk of retaliation.

In conclusion, the Explosive Arrow Champion is a powerful and versatile character build in Path of Exile. Mastering the build requires a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics, strategic gear selection, and careful skill tree planning. With the right approach, the Explosive Arrow Champion can dominate the battlefield, dealing devastating damage while shrugging off enemy attacks.

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