Dinosaur-shooter Second Extinction is shutting down


The Unexpected Shutdown of Dinosaur-Shooter Game Second Extinction

The gaming community has been taken aback by the unexpected news of the shutdown of the popular dinosaur-shooter game, Second Extinction. This action-packed game, which has been a favorite among gamers for its unique blend of cooperative gameplay and thrilling dinosaur combat, is sadly coming to an end. The announcement has left many fans in shock and disappointment, as they bid farewell to a game that has provided countless hours of entertainment.

Second Extinction, developed by Systemic Reaction, a division of Avalanche Studios, was launched in 2020. The game quickly gained popularity for its intense three-player cooperative gameplay, where players worked together to take down large hordes of mutated dinosaurs. The game’s unique premise, combined with its fast-paced action and stunning graphics, made it a hit among gamers. However, despite its initial success, the game has been plagued by various issues that have ultimately led to its downfall.

The developers have cited several reasons for the game’s shutdown. One of the main factors was the game’s inability to sustain a large enough player base. Despite the initial surge in popularity, the number of active players began to dwindle over time. This decline in player numbers made it increasingly difficult for the developers to justify the resources required to maintain and update the game.

Additionally, the game faced criticism for its lack of content and repetitive gameplay. While the concept of battling hordes of dinosaurs was initially exciting, players soon found that the game lacked depth and variety. The limited number of maps and dinosaur types, coupled with repetitive mission objectives, led to a lack of long-term engagement from players.

The developers also faced technical challenges with the game. Players reported numerous bugs and glitches, which detracted from the overall gaming experience. Despite efforts to fix these issues, the developers struggled to keep up with the constant stream of bug reports. This not only frustrated players but also put additional strain on the development team.

The decision to shut down Second Extinction was not taken lightly. The developers expressed their disappointment and sadness in a heartfelt message to the game’s community. They thanked the players for their support and acknowledged the passion and dedication of the fanbase. They also assured players that they would learn from this experience and apply these lessons to their future projects.

The shutdown of Second Extinction serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by game developers in today’s competitive market. It highlights the importance of maintaining player engagement and the need for continuous innovation and improvement. While the game’s closure is undoubtedly disappointing for its fans, it also provides valuable insights for other developers.

In conclusion, the unexpected shutdown of the dinosaur-shooter game Second Extinction has left a significant impact on its player base and the gaming community at large. Despite its initial success, the game faced numerous challenges that ultimately led to its closure. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, developers must strive to create engaging and innovative games that can sustain player interest in the long term. While Second Extinction may be shutting down, the lessons learned from its journey will undoubtedly influence the future of game development.

Second Extinction

Indie developer Systemic Reaction has announced they’re shutting down Second Extinction, their dinosaur-slaying first-person shooter that’s been available for PC.

Second Extinction will be delisted from various online stores across  Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store, and its online servers will shut down sometime next year in 2024. Servers will remain operational for a time after the game is delisted.

Second Extinction game has been available in early access since 2020, and was later released for Xbox consoles via the Game Preview program.

“While Second Extinction is well-loved among our players and the gaming community, it regrettably did not achieve the success we hoped it would,” the developer said. “Additionally, some unforeseen show-stopping issues prevented us from leaving Early Access and Game Preview.”

They added, “As you may recall, we initially planned to launch the 1.0 version late last year, but the discovery of a few critical issues forced us to pull back close to the release. Unfortunately, it became clear that our small team lacked the resources necessary to hit our quality targets and exit Early Access and Game Preview, and the investment needed to do so was too large for us to bear. After evaluating our options and working during this year to find other potential solutions, this became the reality our team had to face.”


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