Contemplative stealth adventure Zefyr: A Thief’s Melody announced

Zefyr: A Thief's Melody

Oneiric Worlds, helmed by a solo developer, have announced Zefyr: A Thief’s Melody.

The new stealth-focused adventure game is set to launch sometime in 2024 for Windows PC (via Steam).

Here’s a rundown of the game, plus announcement trailer:

Zefyr: A Thief’s Melody

In a vibrant archipelago, step into the shoes of Eïko, a young thief studying at the renowned Guild. As you investigate a kidnapping, you must make careful choices between evading lurking pirates or confronting them head-on. Navigate the vast open ocean atop a charming turtle companion, scale towering islands, cure ailing animals, and uncover the truth in this mesmerizing and uplifting journey.

Drawing inspiration from great classic adventure games, Zefyr: A Thief’s Melody offers a captivating blend of free exploration, humorous dialogues, challenging puzzles, hidden collectibles, and thrilling boss battles. The game’s colorful environments, coupled with its contemplative and nurturing atmosphere, create an experience that will enchant players of all ages.

One of the game’s distinctive features is sailing the vast ocean on a delightful turtle companion, experiencing the joy of navigating shimmering waters while forming a profound bond with your aquatic friend. In addition to sailing, players will need to utilize their climbing skills to uncover the hidden secrets on scattered islands, carefully charting the most suitable paths to their objectives. On their journey, players will take on the role of a caretaker, treating sick animals and spreading healing and compassion throughout the world.

Key Features:

  • Freely explore a colorful open world by sailing on an adorable turtle.
  • Master various skills: climbing, stealth, combat, archery, explosives, grappling, and more!
  • Confront or avoid pirates, guards and robots.
  • Heal sick animals scattered throughout the world.
  • Collect precious gemstones, paintings, and flowers.
  • Defy colossal Guardians during epic battles.
  • Discover charming and humorous characters.


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