Card-based city builder Stacklands gets new Cursed Worlds DLC

Village builder Stacklands just released a new DLC, and what’s better, it already has modding support.

Here’s a rundown on the new downloadable content:

Hey everyone, we’ve just released a bunch of cool new things!

Cursed Worlds out now

Our first DLC is out now! In the Cursed Worlds DLC, travel to three different worlds where the villagers are haunted by tricky curses. Build up their village, then use new cards and card packs to lift the curse!

Here’s a short overview of all the new features. Get it on the Steam Store here.

  • 130+ new cards, 50+ new Quests, 15 new card packs
  • 3-5 hours of playtime
  • Travel to 3 different Cursed Worlds
    • Take care of villagers as they get sick and grow older
    • Keep villagers happy
    • Satisfy a royal’s demands
  • Befriend cats
  • Name villagers
  • Cook new foods, including but not limited to pizza

Modding Support

Additionally, the free modding support update is also out now. Go to the Steam Workshop to find some awesome mods!

Want to learn how to mod Stacklands? Head over to to learn how!

Cursed Lands is Stacklands’ first DLC, but they already seem to have knocked it out of the park with day-1 modding support.

Stacklands is available on Android and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).


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