Best Unreal Engine 5 Water Plugin! (Oceanology 5.1.6 – Showcase)

Deep dive into Oceanology 5.1.6 and some of its many features. If you have a game based around water or just need an ocean that runs and works for multiplayer games. This ones for you.

In this Showcase video I will explain why it is the best ocean sim on the market for me. What are some of the new features and how to make some adjustment to the water system to get the desired Look and Feel.

You can fine the Oceanology main youtube page Here
Have a question? You can ask the devs Here!

Intro 00:00
Getting Started 00:55
Beaufort Scale Waves Maps 02:24
God Ray Example Map 07:20
Horizon Open World Map 09:04
Adjusting the Shore Foam with RVT 10:28
Under Water Parameters 12:45
Bubbles 13:26
Buoyancy Sim depth 14:18
Multiplayer Ocean Time 14:37
Shore Line Wetness 15:04
Quad Tree Simple Explanation 15:24
Buoyancy Example 16:57
Buoyancy customization 17:46
Swimming Example 22:29
Changing the Water Friction 23:02
Character Buoyancy 24:05
Fixing Character Tag Rotation 24:42
Outro 25:55

Want to see more? Check out Oceanology 5 on Discord.

Unreal Version 5.3.2

Plugins/Assets Used:
Oceanology 5.1.6
Ultra Dynamic Sky

Big thanks to:
The Oceanology Team
My friends on Discord! You know who you are 🙂

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