Astral Ascent hits full release next month with console ports

Astral Ascent: Full Release and Console Ports Coming Next Month

Astral Ascent, the highly anticipated 2D platformer game, is set to hit full release next month, much to the delight of gaming enthusiasts worldwide. The game, developed by the innovative team at Haloed Moon, has been in early access for some time, allowing players to experience its unique mechanics and captivating storyline. The full release promises to deliver an even more immersive experience, with additional content and refined gameplay. Moreover, the game will not only be available on PC, as was the case during its early access phase, but will also be ported to consoles, broadening its reach to a wider audience.

Astral Ascent stands out in the crowded platformer genre with its distinctive art style, intricate level design, and engaging character progression system. The game’s enchanting universe, filled with celestial bodies and mythical creatures, has been praised for its originality and depth. The full release is expected to expand on this universe, introducing new areas to explore and enemies to defeat.

The decision to port Astral Ascent to consoles is a strategic move by Haloed Moon. Console gaming has a massive global audience, and by making the game available on these platforms, the developers are significantly increasing their potential market. The game will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, three of the most popular gaming consoles. This move is likely to attract a new wave of players who prefer console gaming over PC gaming.

The console versions of Astral Ascent will not be mere replicas of the PC version. The developers have assured fans that they have taken the time to optimize the game for each specific console, ensuring that players get the best possible experience regardless of their platform of choice. This includes adjusting the controls to suit console controllers and optimizing the graphics to take full advantage of each console’s capabilities.

The full release of Astral Ascent is also expected to bring a host of new features and improvements. The developers have been actively seeking feedback from players during the early access phase, and many of these suggestions are expected to be implemented in the full release. This includes tweaks to the game’s difficulty, improvements to the character progression system, and the addition of new gameplay mechanics.

The anticipation for Astral Ascent’s full release and console ports is palpable among the gaming community. The game’s unique blend of traditional platforming elements and innovative mechanics, coupled with its captivating universe, has already won it a dedicated fanbase. The full release and console ports are expected to build on this success, introducing the game to a wider audience and solidifying its place in the platformer genre.

In conclusion, the upcoming full release of Astral Ascent and its porting to consoles is a significant milestone for Haloed Moon. It represents the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, and the beginning of a new chapter in the game’s journey. Whether you’re a PC gamer eagerly awaiting the full release or a console gamer excited to experience Astral Ascent for the first time, there’s no doubt that next month will be an exciting time for all fans of this unique platformer.

Astral Ascent

Publisher Maple Whispering and co-publisher/developer Hibernian Workshop announced Astral Ascent is hitting full release next month alongside its console ports.

Astral Ascent is hitting full release on November 14th for Windows PC (via Steam), leaving early access alongside its console ports for Switch, PS4, and PS5.

Here’s what’s coming in the big 1.0 release:

We have been working on it for months alongside regular updates and here is what you can expect from this final version –

  • The Master final boss fight
  • 3 New Zodiacs: Aries, Cancer & Gemini, including Zodiac Spells, Challenges & Summons
  • 17 unique endings
  • Completely reworked tutorial
  • New introduction cinematic
  • Mid-run saves  at start of each room
  • Traditional cinematic  when launching the game
  • Players stats window
  • Reworked and extended narration for all characters, including new narration places like heroes self-dicussions, heroes to heroes discussions, new dialogs with various characters and Memory Library stories final version
  • Fully voiced dialogs including some characters fully re-voiced like Ayla
  • 2 new Star Guardians: Sculptor & Monoceros
  • New Musics including orchestral records and featuring of vocalist Emi Evans
  • Countless polishes, balances & bug-fixes! (more than 400 tasks done on our side)

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

Astral Ascent is a 2D platformer rogue-lite game set in a modern fantasy world. As one of 4 Heroes with very different personalities, you must escape from the Garden, an astral prison guarded by 12 powerful and vicious bosses, the Zodiacs.


Unlock dozens of unique spells for your 4 distinct characters. Optimize your own build or try out new ones to take down 12 powerful bosses. Get stronger with time to match up with your foes. Each run will test your skills and your reactivity.


The Zodiacs are 12 experienced guardians dispatched over 4 gorgeous worlds. They’ll bring to the battlefield unique attacks, abilities, and patterns, backstories to uncover, and reasons to be fighting you. Get yourself warned!


Unique characters. Unique weapons. Unique ways to play.

  • Ayla: The sole survivor of her guild of assassins, she uses her twin daggers to eliminate her enemies before they can react. Her speed and proficiency are unmatched.
  • Kiran: This orphan learned life the hard way. He uses his strength to deliver attacks powerful enough to create shockwaves. Brutal.
  • Calie: This talented sculptor wants her freedom back. She will use her magical gemstones to pierce enemy defenses and shred them to bits. She is unforgiving.
  • Octave: Trained by a powerful witch, this young fighter summons ethereal guns to attack his foes. When needed, he can conjure bigger weapons as well. Lethal in all cases.


Astral Ascent is a rogue-lite infused with narration. Replayability is part of our story which will be unraveled piece by piece. As you get stronger, you will discover more about the characters, their motivations, and the secrets of the world they’re trapped in.


The weight of destiny is too heavy to carry by yourself? Don’t worry and bring a friend to play in our two-player co-op mode. Fight and crush your enemies together in local co-op or online using the Steam’s Remote Play Together feature.


Dash across gigantic landscapes. Explore original and hand-crafted areas. Discover the world created by our artists, with a gorgeous art and frame-by-frame animation.


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