Announcing a new look and vision for EA’s Frostbite engine

Frostbite is EA’s state-of-the-art, multi-platform game engine powering many of our biggest franchises. It was built to explore, evolve and apply proprietary technology specifically with, and for, our game studios – demonstrating how the intersection of creativity and technology is driving the development of immersive player experiences, and shaping the future of interactive entertainment. Today, we’re excited to introduce a new logo and brand identity for Frostbite, one that’s representative of how the engine has evolved as a platform for collaborative innovation.

This rebrand reflects who we are today and signals not just a visual shift for Frostbite, but a philosophical one, with a renewed focus on partnership with our teams and creators. Over the years, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with game teams across EA to understand their development and technology needs better, prioritizing changes that create more flexibility for innovation and a positive user experience for developers.

Frostbite is developed specifically for EA and we are deeply invested in building the best tools and technology for our games. In this new era, our mission is to unite and amplify the expertise and efforts of every EA game team that uses Frostbite, adapting to their unique needs in the way only we can.

EA game teams are free to develop on any engine they choose. It’s up to us to make Frostbite the best choice for our games.

Now, on to the design itself.

Keeping the handprint

After many conversations about how to represent this new chapter for Frostbite, we realized that starting from scratch wasn’t the answer. We wanted to preserve the best parts of who we already were, and for us, that meant keeping the Frostbite hand.

The handprint is innately human. It represents both the human touch that brings games to life and the creative imprint left behind by every person who helps get those games to launch. The handprint is also a point of connection, keeping us in touch with our past and everyone who has contributed to Frostbite – all the way back to our roots, when the engine was first introduced by DICE for Battlefield Bad Company in 2008.

The last two versions of the Frostbite handprint showed the hand in a fractured or broken state. This made sense when we were emphasizing our destructible environments in Battlefield, but with today’s rebrand, we wanted to tell a different story – one about the collaborative relationships transforming Frostbite from within.

This is the new Frostbite handprint.

Constructed from consecutive, overlapping layers, our new handprint embodies how our teams build upon each other’s strengths, reaching beyond what is possible when they work alone. Each layer, like each piece of Frostbite technology, is both an innovation and a foundation, enabling the layer above it and building toward a cohesive whole.

The sharp, cutting edges of previous handprints have also been smoothed out, creating more fluid shapes. This reflects our commitment to addressing Frostbite’s rougher edges, creating a smoother experience for both creators and players.

And because games are at the heart of everything we do, we’ve also created a version of the Frostbite handprint that lets us frame those games against the many layers of effort and expertise that bring them to life.

An engine for a new generation

This past year, Frostbite supported game teams in launching six titles, including Dead Space™, PGA Tour, Madden NFL 24, EA SPORTS FC™ 24, NHL 24 and UFC 5. Across power, performance and community, the latest version of the engine is helping EA’s developers and creators to realize their vision for any game, in context and in real-time — fostering universally immersive experiences for creators and players alike.

The new branding will begin appearing on our channels this week and throughout the new year. To learn more about Frostbite, visit

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