10 NEW Cosy Games I will be playing in 2023!

Top 10 Must-Play Cosy Games of 2023: From Stardew Valley 2 to Winding Worlds

As the gaming landscape continually evolves, 2023 is shaping up to be a banner year for video game releases. Among various genres, “cosy games” have caught my eye for their promise of relaxation and escapism. These games often provide a soothing gameplay experience perfect for unwinding. If you’re looking for stress-relief through gaming, here are the top 10 cosy games set to launch in 2023 that you won’t want to miss.

1. Stardew Valley 2 – The Ultimate Farming Experience

The long-anticipated sequel to the iconic farming simulator, Stardew Valley 2, is finally on the horizon. Keeping its charming pixel art and soothing soundtracks, the game also brings in new crops, animals, and characters. Word has it that more intricate farming mechanics will be introduced, adding a fresh layer of complexity to the gameplay.

2. Cozy Cottage – Your Dream Home Awaits

If interior design is more your speed, Cozy Cottage lets you decorate your dream abode. With an extensive range of furniture and decor choices, you can personalize your space down to the last detail. The inclusion of a day-night cycle and changing seasons adds a realistic touch to the already cosy atmosphere.

3. Tea Time Travels – Sip Through Time

Combining the serenity of brewing tea with the thrill of time travel, Tea Time Travels invites players on a journey through different eras. Explore the rich history of tea, interact with unique characters, and immerse yourself in the game’s hand-drawn art and calming music.

4. Whispering Willows – Mystical Forest Adventure

Whispering Willows offers a peaceful exploration experience set in a magical forest. Players will engage with various woodland creatures to solve their problems, fostering a community-centric atmosphere.

5. Luna’s Fishing Garden – Fishing in Paradise

Set in an idyllic archipelago, Luna’s Fishing Garden combines fishing and gardening in a tranquil setting. Watch your garden evolve over time as you catch fish and plant trees. The slow-paced gameplay makes it an ideal cosy game.

6. Bookshop Bliss – For the Love of Books

Book enthusiasts will adore Bookshop Bliss, where you’ll manage your own bookstore. From curating book selections to hosting book club gatherings, the game’s pixel art and soothing soundtrack create an inviting space for literary exploration.

7. Calm Waters: A Point and Click Adventure – Solve the Mystery

Mixing the relaxed vibe of point-and-click with the excitement of mystery, Calm Waters has players unravel the secrets of a peaceful town. Solve puzzles and uncover mysteries as you navigate the serene surroundings.

8. The Kind Camomille – Help Your Animal Friends

In The Kind Camomille, you control a kind-hearted mouse who assists other animals in need. The game’s pastel art style and calming soundtrack make it a go-to cosy game.

9. Neko Atsume VR – Cats in 3D!

A VR rendition of the popular mobile game, Neko Atsume VR lets players interact with adorable cats in a 3D environment. Its simple yet relaxing gameplay stands out among other cosy games.

10. Winding Worlds – A Journey of Self-Discovery

Winding Worlds is about healing and self-discovery. Travel through whimsical worlds, helping characters conquer their fears and challenges, all set to beautiful art and soothing music.

Final Thoughts

2023 is poised to be an excellent year for fans of cosy games. Whether you’re into farming simulators, serene exploration, or point-and-click adventures, there’s something for everyone. So brew some tea, find your coziest chair, and prepare for a year of relaxation and delightful gaming experiences.

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